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DC Wastewater Treatment Plant

DC Wastewater Treatment

Sheridan Terrace

Sheridan Terrace

DC Wastewater Treatment

DC Wastewater Treatment

Sheridan Terrace

Sheridan Terrace


"Quality construction requires quality materials, proper execution and timely documentation."

BCE Principals, Project Engineers, and Technicians have focused on delivering a wide range of construction observation and testing services across the Washington Metropolitan Area.

From materials testing through installation and post-construction monitoring, BCE provides a full spectrum of construction services, including:

Engineering, Observation and Testing

  • Special Inspections per IBC
  • Earthwork monitoring and testing
  • Testing for shallow and deep foundation systems
  • Quality control and quality assurance programs for construction materials and processes
  • Field and laboratory testing of construction materials
  • Nondestructive evaluation of steel and concrete
  • Pre and post-construction surveys of existing structures
  • Post-tensioning observation and documentation
  • Fireproofing testing and inspection
  • Building condition surveys
  • Value engineering review
  • Inspection of fabrication and batch plants
  • Building movement and earth retention system monitoring
  • Structural system load test monitoring
  • Specifications review

Preconstruction Activities

The preconstruction services offered by BCE, Inc. occur before the first footing is excavated or the first cubic yard of concrete is placed. During the design of a project, our construction engineering staff performs:

  • Value engineering
  • Construction reviews and scheduling assistance
  • Plan review for interdisciplinary coordination
  • Preparation and/or review of specifications
  • Specialty system design and review including:

    • Roofing
    • Pavement and roadways
    • Fireproofing
    • Existing condition surveys

Construction Services

Quality construction is a requirement for a successful project. BCE, Inc. helps the construction team make decisions during construction that are cost-effective, expedient and correct. Our personnel observe field operations to verify that the work performed is in compliance with engineering plans and specifications. Our engineering technicians are certified by both nationally and locally recognized organizations. We use a fully computerized reporting system which allows test results and field observations to be transmitted efficiently.

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