"Setting new engineering standards from project to project."

MGM Resort-Casino at National Harbor, Maryland 2014-Present

BCE Principal is the Geotechnical Inspector Engineer of Record (GIR)

MGM Resort-Casino at National Harbor, Maryland 2014-Dec. 2016

BOTA Consulting Engineers, Inc. (BCE) is an engineering consulting and management firm located in Lanham. BCE was established in August 2004 in the State of Maryland. Engineering is an art, as well as a science. At BCE, we employ experience, creativity, mathematical and scientific intuition to transcend the beauty of  nature; to break through the forces of nature, and bring in innovation. The end result is that we enhance the environment and quality of life by solving the clients’ complex challenges.

At BCE, our business is:


At BCE, we adhere to the highest professional standards in our conduct of clients’ business. Regardless of the size and complexity of a clients’ project, BCE professionals always strive to identify and outline the precise combination of tasks that will accomplish the clients’ goals at minimal cost, while assuring quality. That's why we keep setting new engineering standards from one project to the next. We make sure we deliver on time.

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DC Wastewater Treatment

DC Wastewater Treatment

DC Wastewater Treatment

DC Wastewater Treatment

Preserve At Catons Crossing Woodbridge, VA


Eagles Pointe Residential Community Woodbridge, VA

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DC Wastewater Treatment Plant

DC Wastewater Treatment